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Lightroom Import Presets are the number one way to spend more time shooting what you love and less time stuck behind a computer editing. These Lightroom Presets  use to sell for $60 but are now giving them away, absolutely free! The Beginner Photograph Lightroom Presets are so great because they work across a wide range of lighting scenarios. These presets are used by wedding and portrait professionals everyday on the photos they deliver to their high paying clients, and now you can use them too FOR FREE!

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You Know It! Chances are you're not sure how to fully utilize the power of Lightroom Presets so Im also going to show you not only how to install the presets so you can start using them immediately but I'm also going to show you how I use the same presets to edit an entire engagement session in under 20 minutes! The video is also filled with tips that will help you not only become a better photographer but how to start your journey to being a Lightroom Master!

Is There A Catch?

Absolutely not! I want to help you become the best photography you possibly can! These Lightroom Presets are the first step because they will speed up your editing and bring consistency to your photos! I'm also going to email you to let you know when new episodes of the podcast are availible. I interview photographers who share what it took them to leave their jobs to go full time, or share how they get beautiful candid photos at weddings, or introductions to lighting and posing. The things that will kick start your photography off on the right foot!


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