The 5 Best Beginner Cameras under $500

Favorite Photography Tools

There is a lot of tools I use everyday in my photography that are more than just the camera. The Unposed field guide has helped make posing fun and super easy. A flash so I can create breathtaking images and not be afraid of dark situation, along with the rechargeable batteries because a flash will make you poor if you had to keep buying alkiline batteries! The Same SD card I take to every wedding. Its fast and reliable along with the memory card reader so you don't damage your camera when connecting it to your computer. The card reader will also make transfers so much quicker so you can start editing right away! A rugged portable external hard drive perfect for storing and keeping your photos safe! A camera bag that I personally own and love. Its large enough to carry everything I need for a day trip, yes small enough to fit anywhere, and it does not yell "Im a camera bag, come steal me!" and its durable enough that it will last you for years! And lastly a rocket blower to clean off your lenses and your camera sensor or mirror. You don't want to touch the mirror or sensor with your hand or a cloth so the rocket blower is the perfect tool to keep your camera clean and your images sharp! Note: This article contains affiliate links. Meaning if you click on and purchase some of the items below, I will earn a small commission at no additional cost to you. I personally stand behind each and every product or service listed below.


Best Photography Books

All of the books below are personal favorites of mine and cover just about everything. From Photography basics with past guest Mark Silber, running a photography business also from past guest Bernie Griffiths, How to shoot Weddings, Landscapes, Newborns, Families, and then some Photography Inspiration. I promise these books will push you forward in your photography no matter what you specialize in! 

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Favorite Photography Software


Animoto Slideshows

Animoto has transformed my personal photography and photography business. It allows me to create a beautiful slideshows in minutes to share with my couples the day after their wedding, making me look like a rockstar!

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Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom

These are the two programs I use most as a photographer. Being able to organize, catalog, and edit your images in Lightroom is a lifesaver. With Lightroom I am able to come home and edit an entire engagement session in just 20 mins.

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