060: Bryan Caporicci - The Importance Of Prints

Bryan Caporicci is a wedding photographer, podcast host, software developer, and creator. Today he shares so much about why prints are so important and why your clients are not buying any!

In this episode you'll learn

  • Where Bryan got started in wedding photography

  • What Bryan says he does

  • Why photographers need to think like entrepreneur

  • How long Bryan has been shooting

  • How many weddings Bryan shot in his first year in business

  • How many hours a week Bryan puts into his wedding photography

  • How to price your photography

  • The importance of prints

  • How to get clients to purchase prints

  • Why you're not selling your photos, and what you should be selling

  • What the future of photography holds

  • How you can wow your clients and get more referrals



You should structure your business around your life

Create the systems early and your business will run on auto pilot

How do you attach a price to value you provide

Make every decision intentional

We are the most photographed generation yet value prints the least

You truly have to believe how powerful prints are

We enjoy photographs less now than we have ever enjoyed them

ask what do you want to stand for in your photography

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