Photography Resources for Beginners

Since the explosion of digital photography it is now easier than ever to become a photographer but it is also harder than ever to become a photographer. Getting started is not easy if you don’t know where the starting line is! That is why I have compiled a list of (many free) photography resources to get you up to speed and learning photography not only quickly but efficiently so you can spend more time shooting and less time sitting behind a computer. Weather you are a brand new photographer or someone who has the basics down and want to take your photography to the next level (Or even start a business) than you have come to the right place!

Note: This post contains some affiliate links meaning I generate a small commission on any sales generated through these links, at no additional cost to you. Buying through these links really help the podcast keep the camera batteries charged.

-Free Photography Education-

Free eBook: Picture Perfect Camera Settings - This ebook shares some fantastic recommended camera settings for all sorts of shooting situations. From Photographing your children to shooting a wedding, this free ebook will get you started with camera settings!

Free eBook: 46 Creative Photography Ideas - If you have ever found yourself feeling in a rut with your photography this ebook will give you plenty of ideas to reignite your passion and get you shooting like you never have before! Click HERE to Download Now!

Creative Live - Creative live offers some of the worlds best creative educators who will guide you through whatever you need help with. With almost 1000 courses covering everything from Photoshop 101 to How to Start a Photography Business, creative live has everything you need to thrive. Most of these courses are paid courses BUT if you sign up for a free membership you can watch one lesson per day absolutely free!

Free: 52 Lightroom Presets - Lightroom presets are the fastest way to transform you images and start getting consistency with your edits and color. Download my 52 Free Lightroom Preset so you can save time editing and spend more time shooting!

Note* The 2 Day Photography Bootcamp and Newsletter, it has been replaced with the Free eBook: Picture Perfect Camera Settings!

-Camera Gear for New Photographers-

Best DSLR Camera for Beginners Under $500 - Photography is not a cheap hobby but you don’t need to spend thousands to get started. In this blog I share the 5 best DSLRs to buy for under $500

KEH Used Camera SUPERSTORE - K.E.H is the worlds largest online retailer for high quality used camera gear. As I said photography is not cheap but buying used from KEH can save you a ton of money and the piece of mind knowing your gear will arrive in fantastic condition. And KEH will buy your old gear when you are ready to upgrade!

Camera Lens Rentals - If you have had your eye on a piece of gear for a while but are still on the fence, renting camera gear is a fantastic way to try before you buy! From Camera bodies, a huge assortment of lenses, and even lighting, Camera Lens Rentals has you covered.

Best Flash Gear For Any Budget - After learning how to control your camera settings the next logical step is to learn flash photography. Flash photography is not just for night time shots its the secret that many pro photographers have been using for years to make their work stand out and the best part is, it will not cost a fortune to get started!

The Nifty 50: the Best Lens For Photographers on a Budget - Did you know, in camera terms our eyes see closest to the 50mm focal length? It makes photos taken with a 50mm lens very pleasing to our eyes. Every manufacturer from Canon, Nikon, Fuji and Sony make inexpensive 50mm lenses that will really elevate the quality of your photography.

6 Reasons the 35mm lens is BETTER than the 50mm - I still stand behind my claim that the 50mm lens is the best first lens purchase for new photographers but the 35mm lens offers several things the 50mm can’t. The 35mm lens may be a bit more expensive but you will never want to take it off of your camera once you put it on!

Best Memory Cards to Use - Memory cards vary in size and price greatly. I wrote this blog to help cut through the marketing nonsense to help you choose the right memory card for you and ensure your photos are properly protected!

-Business of Photography-

Client Gallery and Delivery Software Cloudspot - Cloudspot is the easiest way to deliver photos for your clients to download digitals or purchase prints. Cloudspot even has custom apps you can send your clients to download on their phone with all of their photos. There is no client gallery system that is more user friendly for both, you the photographer and your clients ensuring they continue to get a great experience even after the shoot is over! Learn more about why I switched to Cloudspot after 7 years with another company!

Animoto Video Slideshow Creator - Animoto is the fastest way to create and share visually amazing video slideshows! I have been using Animoto in my photography business to wow my clients for years. If you get 1 referral Animoto will pay for itself. Plus now you have some amazing videos to post on your social media

Free eBook: The 6 Step Photography Business Plan - This free ebook is essential to anyone looking to have a successful photography business. The business of photography is broken down into 6 simple steps that can not be ignored if you want to make a living with your camera. Once signed up the ebook will be emailed to you right away so you can read and start implementing in less than an hour! Click HERE to Download your copy now!

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-Best Podcast Episodes for Photographers-

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