093: Josh & Meg Souder - Stop Posing and Start Playing

Meg and Josh Souder are the Nashville Wedding and Engagement Photographers behind Love Is A Big Deal. They are also the creators of the Unposed Field Guide. A collection of prompts for photographers to get their couples or families comfortable in front of the camera quickly.  

In this interview you'll learn:

  • How Meg and Josh fell into photography

  • Whats more important than megapixels when it comes to photographing your couples

  • How Meg and Josh learned to not pose and focus on the experience

  • How coming from a non photography background helped Meg and Josh be better photographers

  • An easy way to start posing if your you're just getting started

  • How to avoid getting burnt out as a photographer

  • The biggest differences between photographing couples and families

  • How Meg and Josh get their couples comfortable right away

  • Why the technicals should be secondary to your photography



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