092: Kat Carney - Getting into Adventure Photography

Kat Carney is an outdoor adventure photographer working with brands like British Airways, REI, and Powerbar. Today she talks about how she got her start in photography and transitioned into adventure photography and how you can too!

In today's episode you'll learn:

  • All about Kat's home on wheels, Hooper

  • How Kat first got interested in Photography

  • How Instagram helped launched Kat's career

  • The importance of networking and making connections

  • The one thing more important than your photography to booking gigs

  • What gives Kat butterflies before each shoot and how she gets over it

  • How Kat protects her gear while out in the field

  • How long it takes Kat to truly figure out how to show off a new sport through photos

  • How Kat carries her gear along with her clothes, and water in a small backpack

  • How Kat makes money as an outdoor adventure photographer

  • Why being proactive is the best way to grow and establish yourself

  • Kat's editing workflow out in the field

  • Why cloud backup can be great, when it works


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