BPP 106: Jessica Whitaker - Youtube, Social Media, Build and Bloom

Todays guest is Jessica Whitaker, a New York City photographer, social media influencer, and founder of Build and Bloom, a free workshop and photography resource center for young photographers. Today she shares how she got her start, tips she has learned from her youtube videos, and why she started Build and Bloom. 

In This Episode You'll Learn:

  • How Jessica got her start in Photography

  • How Jessica learned to pose

  • Why Jessica switched from Canon to Nikon

  • Some of the challenges Jessica faces when moving from the PNW to NYC

  • Something that surprises Jessica to read in the comments of her youtube videos

  • Jessicas experience with her first paid clients

  • The different types of clients Jessica would work with in Seattle and New York

  • How Jessica makes her clients so comfortable

  • How to deal with inner comparison

  • Jessica's Tips for learning from the pros


Memorable Quotes:

  • Photography gear can be expensive, the education can be free

  • You don't have to start learning photography young. The internet is an awesome teacher

  • Continue to learn and interact with other photographers


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