BPP 105: Jenny Stein - Family, Life, Photography

Today's guest will be a familiar voice to a lot of you. She's the host of the Family Photographer podcast. Another podcast focused less on the gear and technicals and more on the legacy and power of storytelling through the photos you take. In this interview we talk about so much more than photography like the importance your photos have on your children and  being self aware enough to live the life you want to through photography. I'm excited to talk with Jenny Stein.

In This Episode You'll Learn:

  • How Jenny got her start in photography early

  • What was the hardest part about photography to learn for her

  • How starting to shoot in manual set Jenny up for success

  • How a daily photo project really pushed Jenny creatively

  • How looking at your past photos can grow your skills

  • How to take photos of kids that are not your own

  • How to share your photos with your family

  • What advice Jenny would give to eager new photographers

  • Why taking your camera out for the first time at your child's birthday is a terrible idea

  • How to stop worrying about your camera, and focus more on getting the shot


Memorable Quotes:

  • Look at your photos everyday, and you will grow

  • Take time practicing photography before an important event like a birthday

  • Give yourself time.

  • Work on your thing, don't worry about what others think

  • An expensive lens won't change the essence of what you do as a photographer

  • The camera doesnt matter as much as you think, but you need something

  • Find something to do with your photography that takes you out of your self

kids playing with dino masks
baby playing with laundry
baby dreaming

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