BPP 104: Wade Steelman - The Competitive World of Architecture Photography

Wade Steelman is a San Diego based commercial and real estate photographer with a focus on architecture. Today he shares how a gap in the market got him interested in real estate photography and how you can make your way into the world of architecture photography too!

In this interview, you'll learn

  • How Wade got his unconventional start in photography

  • How Wade chose his gear

  • How Wade stopped focusing on the technicals and more on creative composition

  • Where Wade places his tripod to showcase the size of a room

  • Some of the technical tricks Wade uses in architecture that other genres of photography don't

  • Some clear signs of amateur architecture photography

  • The hardest part about getting started with architecture photography

  • How Wade would recommend a new photographer builds their portfolio.

  • Why Wade recommends you save money on gear

  • How Wade handled an embarrassing mistake he made when shooting


Memorable Quotes:

  • I focus on what a viewer will see when they walk into the property

  • If you can produce great images with cheap gear you will be miles ahead of everyone else.

Wade-Steelman - Interior - 5.jpg
Wade-Steelman - Interior - 1.jpg
Wade-Steelman - Interior - 6.jpg

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