BPP 103: Brian Rodgers Jr - Product Photography and Photoshop

Brian Rodgers Jr. is a commercial photographer and digital artist specializing in product photography. He’s also the founder of Digital Art That Rocks, a company that creates high-end commercial photography with an emphasis on the post production process. Watch just one of his slew of photoshop time-lapse on youtube and you will be blown away! Today I welcome Brian Rodgers Jr

In This Episode You'll Learn:

  • How Brian's high school class prepared him for photography and graphic design

  • Why Brian walked away from what he thought was a dream job

  • What book gave Brian a heightened sense of creativity

  • How a $9 hardware store item taught Brian lighting

  • The importance of photoshop in product photography

  • Some obvious signs of amateur product photography

  • Some of the most important tools Brian uses in Photoshop and what you can do with them

  • An embarrassing moment Brian had while photographing architecture

  • Why Brian loves to photograph watches

  • Some of the challenges of photographing small products and how Focus stacking helps


Memorable Quotes:

  • I wanted a career in photography, so I just started producing my own work

  • After reading Scott Kelby's book, I had a heightened sense of creativity!

  • I spent hours studying light with those cheap hardware store clamp lights

  • Product photography is all about perfection


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