BPP 139: Ashley Marston - The Power of Personal

Ashley Marston is a birth and family photographer from British Columbia Canada. Professionally her work has received notable awards from the international association of professional birth photographers and personally her work has been recognized by national geographic. In this interview we talk about shooting professionally and personally.

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In This Episode You'll Learn:

  • What drew Ashley into photography

  • The difficulties she faced when learning to use a camera

  • How she got 2 of her photos chosen by national geographic as photos of the year

  • The power of doing a 365 project

  • How Ashley makes time for a project 365

  • The difference between a lifestyle photographer and documentary photographer

  • When each would be appropriate

  • What excited Ashley about birth photography

  • What is a day in the life family session and whats the goa

  • Ashleys thought on the creative process

  • How Ashley puts herself in a creative mindset

Premium Members Also Learn:

  • How Ashley booked her first birth client

  • The best way to attract clients interested in birth photography

  • The biggest objections she faces and how to overcome them

  • What Ashley suggestions new photographers do to break into birth, with no experience


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