BPP 140: Co Hodges - Building a highly engaged photography community in 2019

Co Hodges is the founder and one of the lead educators at unraveled academy. A photography school and community that nurtures you as an artist. Today we are talking about building an engaged instagram following!

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In This Episode You'll Learn:

  • How Co got into photography

  • Why Co started using Instagram late

  • What made Co fall in love with instagram

  • What Co attributes her success on instagram to, and how you can too

  • What kind of photos we should be uploading

  • Why instagram captions dont have to be scary

  • The best way to grow your instagram from scratch

  • What is instagram engagement and how to use it

  • The biggest mistake Co sees beginners making on instagram

  • Why you dont need a portfolio of images to post before starting an instagram

Premium Members Also Learn:

  • Why instagram is a great place to reach potential customers

  • What kind of instagram ad you should be running

  • The best tip to maximizing your marketing dollar

  • When to run instagram ads

  • What instagram analytics we should be paying attention to and how to use them

  • What tools are availible to help make our lives easier while growing an audience



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