BPP 141: Mark Hemmings - Take Great Vacation Photos

Todays guest is Mark Hemmings. A professional travel photographer and educator who in the next 12 months is scheduled to visit 5 different continents. Today I’m excited to chat and find out how we can take better photos of our own travels!

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In This Episode You'll Learn:

  • How Mark got his unconventional start in photography

  • When Marks love of photography and travel merged

  • How to best prepare your camera gear for a trip you are excited for

  • How to avoid taking boring travel photos

  • How much gear you should bring with you on a trip

  • Tips to add more mood, feeling, and culture to your travel photography

  • Marks mobile editing workflow and how he travels and edits photos without a computer

  • Ways to best share your photos after editing them

  • Marks favorite location in the world to travel for photography


Look at the contrast how much is hidden in the shadows

Look at the contrast how much is hidden in the shadows

bamboo lined path way
waterfall though green brush cover
kid playing ball in streets with pink wall
young rabbi reading in crowded market

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