BPP 138: The Myth of the Perfect Camera

What if I told you, your camera is a waste of money, and spending more money on a better camera will never make you a better photographer?

Well it is all true and today I’m going to prove it to you.

Let’s talk about your camera, your baby. The thing that will unlock doors for you. Lets you explore your creativity, bring smiles to the faces of so many. The thing you treat like a baby. So precious you must protect it.

Yet at the same time... you want to get rid of it. You would throw your camera away in a HEARTBEAT if it meant you could upgrade to a flagship professional grade camera body.

Why you ask?

Oh man, where to start, Its full frame, it can shoot 15fps, max shutter speed of 1/8000th (think of all the humming bird shots you could take!) its weather proof, can survive a bomb explosion, and will SURELY elevate you as a better photographer!

That sounds incredible.

However it is completely false.

A new fancy camera will not improve your photos. It will not win you any awards. No one will come throwing money at you because of the camera you own. Why? No one cares but you. Why? Because the camera does not influence a photo as much as the person holding the camera does.

Plain and simple.

A professional camera does have its advantages sure. The rugged body, faster autofocus, and larger sensor. But which of those will make your photo stand out? None.

Every camera ever has used just 3 settings to expose an image.

Aperture, which is in the lens and not the camera.

ISO which is the cameras sensitivity to light

And Shutter speed.

The cameras sensitivity to light or ISO is determined by the cameras sensor. With the speed at which technology advances, $500 entry level cameras have the same ISO performance as $5000 flagship cameras did just a few short years ago. Where we are at right now, flagship cameras can pretty much shoot in the dark, which is awesome... but its not that practical. You would never really want to use a photo that you shot in the dark.

I still get the allure. When I was shooting with a 8mp canon XT I lusted after the 5dmk2. Now I would rather have a new entry level camera rather than a 5dmk2. And you know what, an entry level camera today STILL cost less than a used 5dmk2.

So what does that mean? It means you are lucky. You are fortunate to live in a time where it is cheaper and easier than ever to take amazing photographs.

Now I know what you’re saying. If its easier than ever to take amazing photographs, how come my camera does not take amazing photographs?

Its because YOU dont take amazing photographs.

Now that was not a personal attack and I’m sure it was an incredibly hard pill to swallow.

What I mean by that is simply that while the camera has some effect on the final image it is YOU who tells the camera how to take a photo. And if you dont know how a camera sees light, and you don’t which setting to change to get the photo you want, and you look at the photos you have taken on the computer wonder why they dont look like the photos you see online or in magazines, then the problem is you and not the camera.

If you don’t believe me, rent your dream camera body. I rent all of my gear from CameraLensRentals.com and you can even get 20% off your order by using the promo code “BeginnerPhotography

What you will find after spending a few days with your dream camera is that you photos don’t look all that different from the photos you took with your entry level camera. They might even look the same.

But guess what? That is great news. It’s great news because you are in control of what you know about photography and light. Imagine how terrible it would be if the best photographers in the world were just the ones with cameras that did all the work. The best photographers would be the ones with the most money, not skill or talent.

Your camera, your hand be down walmart special, is so much more powerful than you think it is. You just need to learn how to unlock its potential.

So HOW do you unlock your cameras potential? By learning how your cameras settings affect the final image. Then practicing what you learned. Then learn some more. Then practice some more.

If you are interested in unlocking the potential of your camera, I want to invite you to sign up for our free 2 day photography bootcamp video course which you can sign up for at the bottom of the page.

I cover everything I have talked about here today and so much more, like lighting and composition.

Again the course is absolutely free and at your own pace. So sign up!

Learning photography is why you are here right? You want to take better photos of your children, you want to learn how to shoot portraits or weddings. All of that starts with the basics. You wouldn’t expect that just because you have a car means that you are a race car driver. There is more to it than that.

You have to know the basics to be able to grow. Your camera is great, I promise you. I would say if you have been shooting less than 2 years, your entry level camera is just right for you and there is no need to upgrade to a new camera body.

Upgrading to a new lens will do soooooo much more for the quality of your photos than any new camera would. I promise.

So lets do a quick exercise. Pick up your camera for a moment. Look at it, appreciate it. Say “You are enough, camera. I may have been frustrated by you in the past but I now know you were just doing what I told you to and I cant be mad at you for that. Today is a new day and we are going to become tighter than bark on a tree after going through the 2 day photography bootcamp. I’m excited to see what we produce together”

You don’t have to give it a kiss or anything but I’m sure it wouldn’t mind a hug.

If you gave your camera a hug you are awesome.

That’s it for this week. I hope you have a new found respect for your camera. A renewed lust for your camera and will take learning photography seriously.

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