BPP 137: Andy Mumford - Landscape Photography for Beginners

Andy Mumford is a landscape photographer based in Lisbon Portugal. He is also an author, and posts his adventures on his youtube channel where he shares extremely helpful tips to becoming a better landscape photographer. He is also the latest in an ever growing list of Fuji Ambassadors to join the podcast.

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In This Episode You'll Learn:

  • How Andy got started in photography

  • The most difficult element of photography for Andy to learn

  • What Andy looks for technically in a great landscape photo

  • How Andy learned landscape photography

  • Why Landscape photography is important

  • How to get started in landscape photography

  • A personal story of the importance of failure

Premium Members Also Learn:

  • The Importance of having an instagram following

  • How Andy grew his instagram following organically

  • If knowing an image will be sold does it affect how it is shot

  • Working and selling photos through stock sites

  • How to get started selling prints and what to charge



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