BPP 114: Megan DiPiero - Photography Business Set Up For Success

Todays guest, Megan DiPiero is a well known headshot and beauty portrait photographer from southwest Florida. She is also an acclaimed photography business mentor and coach for photographers and the creator of the the popular Rise to the Top Facebook group where she shares her business tips to help and encourage other photographers to grow and live a life of abundance. Today I welcome Megan DiPiero

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In This Episode You'll Learn:

  • When Megan Started to take photography seriously

  • How Megan learned photography

  • How Megan built a photography business while raising kids

  • What is Womans beauty photography

  • Who inspired Megan to pursue beauty photogrpahy

  • How Megan deals with “Difficult” clients

  • Why Megan does not recommend going to college to learn photography

  • How to figure out what to charge for your photography

  • How to handle clients when you have raised your photography pricing

  • How Megan defines marketing for photographers

  • Simple marketing tips that new photographers can impliment

  • How Megan makes decisions on what to work on in her business

  • The one thing Megan wants all photographers to know about shooting manual



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