BPP 113: Natalie Greenroyd - Authentic Family and Children Photography

This week I chat with Oklahoma city family photographer Natalie Greenroyd who shares her tips on getting started with family and children photography and some mistakes to avoid when you are fresh in photography. 

In This Episode You'll Learn:

  • How Natalie got into photography

  • The main source of Natalies Photography education

  • What Natalie would say is the job description of a family photographer

  • The story of how Natalie got her first client and how it went

  • Common mistakes Natalie sees amateur photographers making

  • How Natalie gets kids to be open and comfortable around her and her camera

  • Natalie's tricks on taking more authentic photos of your family

  • Natalie's process when posing families vs capturing them candidly

  • An embarrassing moment Natalie had while working

  • Where you can find Natalie Online



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