BPP 118: Ashley Diamond Siegert - Professional Birth Photography

Ashley Diamond Siegert is a successful birth photographer from College Station and Bryan Texas who has been shooting professionally since 2011. A Certified professional photographer and master photographer craftsmen, Today she shares how she brings the world of portraits to telling the story of a birth though photographs!

In This Episode You'll Learn:

  • How Ashley got her start in photography

  • The hardest part of photography for Ashley to learn

  • What a Master Photography Craftsmen is and how you can become one too

  • The benefits of being a certified professional photographer

  • The job description of a birth photographer

  • How Ashely booked her first birth session

  • How to keep from getting in the way of the Doctors and nurses when shooting birth

  • What Ashley would say is the hardest part of her job

  • An embarrassing moment Ashely had while shooting a birth

Premium Members Also Learn:

  • How Ashley handles life while being on call for the demanding schedule of birth photography

  • How Ashley ensures she doesn’t have 2 births at once

  • How much money is in Birth photography

  • How you can book your first birth session and how much you should charge

  • How to handle an emergency situation in the hospital


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