BPP 117: Hannah Marie - Creating Child and Family Portraiture

Hannah Marie is a family and child portrait photographer from Kitchener Ontario who’s clients say things like "She’s a true artist with a gift" and "Her photos convey real, raw, and intimate emotions. They will forever remind me of this special time in my life". Today Im really excited to chat with her to discover how she can deliver such powerful images!

In This Episode You'll Learn:

  • How Hannah got her start in photography

  • The hardest part about the technicals of photography to learn

  • The job description of a child portrait photographer

  • How Hannah booked her first clients

  • What Hannah tries to capture when photographing children

  • Bad info Hannah hears being taught to new photographers

  • Obvious signs of an amateur photographer

Premium Members Will Also Learn:

  • How to connect with kids when taking their portrait

  • The legalities of working with kids and posting their photos online

  • How to build your portfolio when just getting started

  • What to focus on after you know how to use your camera

  • Why the client experience is everything!

  • How taking a year off of photography set her business and life up for success


Waterloo Childrens Photographer Hannah Marie.jpg

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