BPP 116: Andrew Hellmich - What I've Learned from 300 Photographers

Andrew Hellmich is responsible for opening up my eyes to the business side of photography with his podcast PhotoBizX where he interviews photographers not to talk about the technicals of photography but everything behind the curtain. Marketing, SEO, Sales, and so so so much more. Today Im thrilled to be speaking with Andrew Hellmich.

In This Episode You'll Learn:

  • How Andrew booked 20 weddings at his first bridal fair

  • How Andrew advertised his photography 20 years ago

  • How many weddings Andrew was shooting per year

  • How Andrew dealt with burn out

  • A lesson leaned from his first paid shoot

  • Some of the hardest aspects of running a photography business

  • Some of the best perks of being a photographer

  • What Andrew thinks about running a business by himself

  • If we should focus on one subject in photography or shoot a variety of subjects

  • The biggest lesson Andrew has learned in his almost 300 podcast interviews

  • Some bad info that Andrew hears being taught to new photographers


Memorable Quotes:

  • You can make photography fit around your life

  • I wouldn’t have the lifestyle I have now if it wasn’t for photography

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