BPP 119: How to Build a 6 Figure Photography Studio Part 1

I’m Opening a photography studio!

Spending some time in Alaska, a family vacation, Iceland, in the hight of wedding season made one thing clear. I can only do so much with my time. Things slipped away from me. I have no one who works for me, I only make money when I sell my time. This is how we have been trained to work. Want to make more money at your job, pick up more hours.

Ive said many times I didn't go to school for business but for photography. The business side has always been a challenge. In the past year or so I have read some great business books. The e myth revisited, the war of art, and most recently, Making money is killing your business by Chuck Blakeman. The premise is that as small business owners we are so focused on making money that we don't take the time to build a business that makes money.

Thats me. I sometimes feel burnt out and like Im on a treadmill. Doing work but getting nowhere. Its exhausting.

Chuck lays out a roadmap to building a business that makes money and it is exciting. Its so exciting Ive read the book about half a dozen times. I bought the audio book to listen to it in the car over and over too. And Ive realized how bad of a business model a single operator wedding photography business is. I can only make more money by selling more of my time.

As the kids get older, I want to spend more time with them on the weekends. As I get older I worry I won't be able to relate to my clients who are usually 24-30.

So Ive had to make some decisions for the future. And I want to open a photography studio. I less than 3 years. By May 5th 2021 to be exact. Thats my Business maturity date that I have set from the instructions of the book.

I even bought a countdown timer. From right now I have 926 days and time until I reach my BMD. In that time I will be doing a complete rebrand, researching a brand new market to me, work on marketing, register a new business, that comes with dealing with taxes of course, Ill also be writing out how I conduct business. Everything from figuring out pricing, getting new clients, how to shoot, to how to edit, correspond with clients, blog their session and then keep in touch so they book with me again and at the end... Open a studio space. All of this while still being a stay at home dad to 2 kids. lol.

All of this will be documented monthly and shared in a bonus podcast episode. These podcasts will be heavily focuses on business, starting and growing a new photography business. Dealing with everything from marketing to photography competition.

This how to build a 6 figure photography studio part 1 of 31. The introduction. If you are interested in hearing the rest of the series, it will be a Premium Member exclusive since its so focused on business and making money with photography.

And to kick off this new endeavor Im going to give away a copy of Chucks book Making money is killing your business to one lucky patron who signs up by December 31st!

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So again to become a patron by December 31st and you could win your own copy of the book, Making money is killing your business.

Thats it. We have some incredible interviews coming up in the next few weeks that I know you will love. Until next week keep shooting join the conversation with other photographers just like you in the BPP fb group and most importantly, stay safe! I love you all!o

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