BPP 120: Troy Christopher Plota - Becoming A Global Leader in Motion Art

Todays guest is a Photographer and global leader in motion art. His work has appeared in top magazines including Vanity Fair, GQ, Rolling Stone and many more. His latest creation is the digital sharing platform and app, Plotagraph. Today we will be talking about what the future holds for photography. I'm excited to chat with Troy Christopher Plota

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In This Episode You'll Learn:

  • How Troy got started in photography

  • The hardest part of photography to learn for Troy

  • The history of imagery. From cave drawings to digital motion art

  • What the future holds for photography

  • How Troy came up with the idea of Plotagraph

  • Bad info troy hears being taught to new photographers

  • How you can start to incorporate motion arts into your work

Premium Members Also Learn:

  • How to add Plotagraphs into your digital photography workflow

  • How you can charge more money by creating Plotagraphs

  • Why Troy left being an accomplished photographer shooting models like Heidi Klum to create a motion art start up

  • How to make your Facebook stand out and how do deliver something incredible to your clients


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