075: Brian Leahy - Standing Out In A Saturated Market

Brian Leahy is an LA-based luxury destinaion wedding photographer who despite living in one of the most saturated markets for wedding photographers thrives and commands a higher starting price than most photographers top package. Today we talk about how to stand out amongst the competition and how to set yourself apart! 

In This Episode You'll Learn:

  • What Brian shoots

  • How Brian got into destination wedding photography

  • How Brian is able to get clients with luxury weddings

  • What Brian does to stand out in one of the most saturated photography markets

  • How Brian started off getting photography work

  • Why there is less competition at the top

  • Why networking with vendors may book you more weddings than you could imagine

  • How Brian took every gig that came his way and even worked for free to now shooting large luxury destination weddings


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