BPP 149: Sara Blanco - Creating Family Photography

Todays guest is Sara Blanco, a family lifestyle photographer in San Antonio, TX using natural light to capture those little moments that mean everything to you. Her website says "I wake up every day excited to meet new people and create images they will carry for the rest of their lives." Today I am excited to talk about creating more personal family photography!

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In This Episode You'll Learn:

  • How Sara got her start in Photography despite not being drawn to it from an early age

  • How Sara learned photography

  • What was most challenging for Sara to learn about photography

  • The important roll Light played in Saras photography

  • How Sara creates interactions with the families she photographs

  • Saras editing workflow

  • reoccurring challenges she faces when shooting and how she handles them

  • and bad info that commonly told to new photographers

Premium Members Also Learn:

  • How to know what to charge what youre worth

  • Why so many photographers are not booking sessions and loosing out on money

  • How Sara handles prints with her packages



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