BPP 150: Michael Sasser - Being a Male Boudoir Photographer

Todays guest is Michael Sasser. Southern Californias premier boudoir photographer. As you might have guessed he is also a male. Today I'm excited to talk about how he built an incredibly strong boudoir brand while facing the challenged of being a male in a predominantly female industry!

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In This Episode You'll Learn:

  • When Michael got started in photography

  • Some challenges Michael faced learning photography

  • Why Michael got into boudoir

  • What is the goal of a successful boudoir shoot

  • The challenges Michael faces being a male photographer shooting boudoir

  • Some of the terminology Michael

  • How to make images that are tasteful and dont get weird and trashy

  • 2-3 actionable posing tips new photographers can create

  • How to capture women of all sizes beautifully and how to make them comfortable

Premium Members Also Learn:

  • Where to shoot and weather or not you need a studio space

  • How Michael booked his first boudoir shoot and how it went

  • What most clients buy from Michael


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