084: Matthew Jordan Smith - High Profile Celebrity Portraits

Matthew Jordan Smith is a Celebrity, Fashion, and Beauty photographer with over 30 years of experience. Photographing everyone from Hallie Berry, Mandy Moore, Tyra Banks, Samuel l Jackson, Oprah, and my personal favorite, Jeff Goldblum, it goes without saying that he is a master at his craft. And luckily for you, he is also an author and educator. Today I'm incredibly lucky to be talking to Matthew Jordan Smith!

In Today's Interview You'll Learn:

  • How Matthew got his start in photography

  • How Matthew got his first paid gig

  • How Matthew built relationships with magazines and editors

  • How Matthew dealt with Imposter Syndrome

  • How Matthew transitioned from fashion photography to beauty and celebrity photography

  • How Matthew handled photographing his first celebrity

  • Tips on how to visualize an important photoshoot

  • How using pintrest can create a vision for your photoshoot

  • Why a reshoot is never an option

  • Why communication is the key to a successful photoshoot

  • How you can stay relevant regaurdless of your gear


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