BPP 111: Matt Payne - Tall Mountains, Amazing Photos. Combining Passions

Matt Payne is a Colorado Landscape Photographer and host of the "F-Stop Collaborate and Listen" Photography podcast

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In This Episode You'll Learn:

  • How Matt got his start in photography

  • How Matt used his first camera

  • What motivated Matt to learn photography

  • Where Matt got inspired to grow his knowledge of photography

  • How much photography is planned vs how much of a shot is magic

  • The best thing Matt ever did to grow his photography community

  • The lessons Matt's parents instilled in him to make him a better photographer

  • Some must have gear for getting started with Landscape photography

  • How night photography helped Matt better understand his camera settings

  • One of the hardest aspects of landscape photography to learn

  • Immediate signs of an amateur landscape photographer

  • What Matt does when he shows up at a location and the conditions do not work out


Memorable Quotes:

  • When I first started, I just pointed the camera at everything and didn't know what I was doing.

  • I checked out every photography book at the library and became self-taught

  • I have this struggle between my passions of climbing tall mountains and taking photos

  • I would spend a couple hours a night experimenting with my camera to gain a better understanding of settings.

  • Don't be afraid to other photographers question

  • Sometimes you have to make the best of what nature gives you

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