BPP 110: Abe Kislevitz - Tips From GoPro’s Senior Creative Director

Abe Kislevitz is the Senior Creative Director for GoPro. That means he is in charge of shooting those incredible images you see plastered on billboards and videos shown to millions on TV commercials. He has been with the company almost since the start and today I talk with him about the in's and out's to shooting with a camera with little to no manual controls.   

In This Episode You'll Learn:

  • What Abe does at GoPro

  • The coolest thing Abe has seen done with a GoPro

  • How Abe made the transition in his life from Mechanical Engineering to producing content with the GoPro

  • Why you get terrible results from your DSLR when shooting in Auto

  • Why you get amazing results from your GoPro when shooting in Auto

  • How shooting with such a wide perspective forces you to see the world differently

  • How to edit your GoPro Images

  • How to get the most out of cameras with small sensors

  • How much of your photography should be intentional vs spontaneous

  • The best investment Abe has ever made in himself

  • The best advice Abe would give a smart and driven new photographer about to start out on their journey

  • The most embarrassing moment Abe had while using a GoPro


A post shared by Abe Kislevitz (@abekislevitz) on

A post shared by Abe Kislevitz (@abekislevitz) on

A post shared by Abe Kislevitz (@abekislevitz) on

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