070: Nick Page - How To Become A Landscape Photographer

Nick Page is a Landscape photographer who got his start in photography later than most after he found him self with too much free time when an accident left him bed ridden. Since then he has quickly become one of the top landscape photographers around and has just launched his own podcast "The Landscape Photography Podcast" which can be found in your favorite podcast player.


In this episode you'll learn:

  • How a horrible accident gave Nick his start in photography

  • How Nicks start in videography got him interested in photography

  • What some of the first tutorials Nick watched were

  • What are some of the most difficult aspects of landscape photography

  • How to make money with landscape photography

  • How to get into landscape photography

  • How much preparation goes into a great landscape photo

  • The number 1 thing people get wrong with landscape photography

  • What Nicks biggest tip for getting a great landscape photo it

  • Why landscape photos take several hours to edit a single image in photoshop

  • Some simple tricks to editing your landscape photography

  • Common mistakes beginners make in their landscape photography




  • Like anyone else I started taking photos of my kid

  • learning how to shoot in manual was the best thing I could have done

  • if you shoot the same thing all the time youre going to get burnt out

  • My favorite landscape images are from when I just got up and out of the house to go shoot

  • There has to be a sacrifice to get a great landscape photo

  • You can either be amazing at TV or amazing at photography. Not Both

  • Landscape photography is such a saturated field

  • You want a photo to be real and believable but also special and interesting

  • Take the time to be creative before worring about the technicals


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