BPP 124: Sandra Coan - Beginner Branding for Photographers

Sandra Coan is a film photographer from beautiful Seattle, WA who specializes in newborns, families and classic portraiture. She’s been in business for 20 years and loves sharing what she has learned with others. Whether its film photography, lighting techniques, studio workflow or the fundamentals of building a successful brand, her mission is to help you be the best photographer you can be.

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In This Episode You'll Learn:

  • How Sandra got her unconventional start in photography

  • The hardest part about photography for Sandra to learn

  • Who convinced Sandra to start getting serious with photography

  • How Sandra booked her first client

  • What is branding in context for photographers

  • Mistakes Sandra has made in her own branding

  • The biggest misconception photographers have about branding

  • Commonly bad branding info Sandra hears being taught to new photo new photographers

  • The best investment Sandra has ever made to improve her photography

Premium Members Also Learn:

  • What beginners need to be focused on when getting started with branding

  • Branding mistakes Sandra sees established photographers making

  • Examples of photographers doing a great job with branding

  • Why you should spend time branding yourself even if photography is just a hobby

  • What is a rebrand

  • How branding can make us more money


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