BPP 123: Rosemary Watson - Story Telling with Stock Photography

Todays guest is Rosemary Watson of Rosemary Watson Productions. The host of the Listen and Lattes Podcast and photographer who has found a way to live a life that makes her happy all through stock photography. Today I’m excited to learn what it takes to get started and set up for success!

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In This Episode You'll Learn:

  • How Rosemary started shooting stock photography

  • What the job of a Stock photographer is to deliver

  • Why people spend money on their business’ but not themselves

  • The signs of an amateur stock photograph

  • How sharing a photo with a vendor transformed her business

  • How to tell a story with Stock photography

  • What someone needs to get started shooting stock photography

  • How much creativity there is in stock photography

Premium Members Also Learn:

  • How Rosemarys Stock photography is different than others and makes her stand out

  • How to do market research to find out what to shoot

  • How to use instagram to make money

  • Weather or not you should shoot a variety of subjects or focus on just one

  • How Rosemary keeps all of her stock photos organized


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