BPP 122: Scott Wyden Kivowitz - The Purpose of a Photography Website

Todays guest is Scott Whden Kivowitz. Host of the wordpress photography podcast. He works for Imagely a company that creates wordpress website themes just for photographers. Today Im excited to find out how to make the best photography website in the world.

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In This Episode You'll Learn:

  • How Scott got his start in photography

  • The hardest part about photography to learn

  • When you are ready to start a photography website

  • Where to start when building your portfolio

  • Which platform is most user friendly for photographers

  • What do show when you shoot several different types of photography

  • How much time you should invest in your website

  • What Scott would change if he had to start as a photographer all over

  • What piece of gear Scott thinks is useless

Premium Members Also Learn:

  • What needs to be on your home page

  • What most new photography websites get wrong

  • What the goal of your website should be

  • What plug in’s are and some of the most useful for your photography website


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