072: Brooke Mendenhall - From Begging for Clients to Fully Booked

Brooke Mendenhall is a relatively new to the photography business who has gone from begging clients for a modest $75 for a session to now charging 10x that and keeping her calendar booked all while living in a small town. Today she shares some of her best tips to grow as well as how to get into the right mindset to make money. 

In this weeks episode you'll learn:

  • How Brooke got into photography

  • How Brooke went from making pennys to being fully booked and opening a studio in just 2 years

  • Why you should focus less on the technicals and more on your client experiance

  • Why Brooke says she wasnt booking clients even though she was cheaper than her compitition

  • How Brooke shoots for free and makes more money than she ever has before

  • Why hobbiest photographers have a hard time getting in the mindset of making money

  • Why Brooke doesnt give the digital files until her clients buy prints

  • How to make a better experience for your photography clients

  • How a photography webinar on in person sales changed her bussiness for the best and why she wouldnt recommend it.




  • When I got the camera I had no idea there was such a thing as Manual mode

  • If I don't please my clients, why should they pay me?

  • I didn't even have a camera when I first started photographing people

  • Not having a studio space is no excuse to not do in person sales

  • We need people to sneeze on their friends for us



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