073: Kyle Shultz - Taking Better Photos Of Kids

Kyle Shultz ran a successful photography studio shooting upwards of 40+ weddings and hundreds of portrait sessions a year before giving it all up and starting an online educational site called ShultzPhotoSchool where he focuses on teaching parents how they can take better photos of their kids!


In this episode you'll learn:

  • How Kyle got his start in photography

  • How Kyle went from buying a camera to take photos while on his bike rides to booking weddings

  • Why Kyle wanted to shoot less weddings

  • How Shultz Photo School started

  • The number one tip Kyle shares for parents to take better photos of your kids

  • Simple beginner mistakes most parent photographers make and how you can fix them

  • How watching movies can make you a better photographer

  • Why you should be trying to tell a story with your photos rather than taking the best photo

  • What the most powerful photos have and how you can get it in your photos

  • Why you need to be protecting your photos and how




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