098: Ryan Schembri - Master Wedding Story Telling

Ryan Schembri is the youngest recipient of the Austrailian Institute of professional photography's "Master Photographer" award. He is a Canon ambassador, wedding and portrait photographer who has shot all around the world he is also an educator and advocates to fellow photographers to help them grow their skills and knowledge about the world of photography

In This Episode You'll Learn:

  • How Ryan got into the photography business so young

  • Ryans first mentor and what he was taught

  • Ryan's main goal for the day when he shows up to every wedding

  • How to build a relationship with your clients

  • Why Ryan thinks wedding photography is the hardest form of photography

  • How Ryan was taught to read light for 2 years before taking a photo

  • How to deal with less than ideal lighting conditions

  • What Ryan see new photographers missing out on and how it set him up for success

  • How to determine the most important story to tell of the wedding day

  • The biggest shifts in wedding photography he has seen since watching the wedding photography of his fathers day

  • How to keep your photography fresh

  • How to cultivate a philosophy of your photography

  • Simple mistakes Ryan sees amateurs making when judging photography competitions

  • What inspires Ryan to be better at lighting


Memorable Quotes:

  • What I do as a photographer is irrelevant. The people and their story is what matters

  • Great moments in life are meant to be created

  • Stop looking for light and start looking for shadow

  • The shift between highlight and shadow is what creates depth

  • Most amateurs underexpose their photos. I don't know why.

  • Expose for the highlight. If your subjects face is underexposed your lighting is wrong.

  • Often times people make photography overcomplicated. It's really simple.

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