065: Marc Silber - Advancing Your Photography

Marc Silber is a photographer, filmmaker, author and producer of the very popular Youtube series Advancing Your Photography, where he has interviewed scores of some of the biggest names in photography. 

He started out learning darkroom skills and the basics of photography at the legendary Peninsula School in Menlo Park, CA, in the '60s, and moved on to hone his skills to professional standards at the famed San Francisco Art Institute. Marc moved into teaching photography in workshops all over the country, he became renowned as an engaging and helpful speaker and coach, as his greatest joy comes from helping others. 

In this episode you'll learn:

  • How Marc got his start in photography

  • Who was his most influential inspiration getting into photography

  • How he decided to jumpstart into photography

  • The biggest mistakes that Marc sees beginners making

  • How Marc got into teaching photography to eager beginners

  • The trap of the "Creative Gap"

  • A tip to start taking better photos right away

  • How the difference between a diner and a bistro applies to photography

  • How videography taught Marc to be a better photographer

  • An embarrassing moment Marc had while photographing one of the most powerful photographers alive




  • Get an idea of the photograph in your mind before you press the shutter

  • dont underestimate the power of pre visualization

  • Simplify your photos.

  • Ask yourself what story do you want to tell with this photo

  • People want you to give them directions. Otherwise they would take a selfie.

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