067: Phillip and Eileen Blume. Use Photography To Change The World

Phillip and Eileen Blume are Wedding Photographers from just outside of Athens Ga who have figured out how to use their craft to change the world. Having been in the industry for the past 10 years they have no only proven that they are incredibly talented at shooting but running a business as well. They have sculpted their wedding photography business to fit their lives perfectly. From the way they raise their children, to the clients they want to work with, to the bigger picture of living a fulfilled life. Today they share their secrets and how you can give back too!

In This Episode You'll Learn:

  • What The Blumes Photograph

  • How long the Blumes have been shooting professionally

  • What Phillip and Elieen did before they became photographers

  • The most important aspect of getting more business

  • How to monetize and market your photography correctly

  • How they got into shooting video for a passion project

  • The important power we have as visual creators

  • How to get involved with an organization that wants to change the world

  • How the Blumes created a successful luxury photography studio in one of the highest poverty markets in America

  • How you can get clients to go out of their way to meet with you!





  • We thought it would be cool to be wedding photographers but we had no idea what we were getting into

  • As soon as the stranger called us we realized we could make a go at this!

  • We invested in education and marketing rather than gear

  • Giving a great client experience is the hallmark of our business

  • We were overworked at first. We didnt understand systems or workflows.

  • Keep the momentum. Photography is not a sprint, its a marathon.

  • Passion Projects let us try something new without the pressure of a paying client

  • A starving artist cant feed the hungry

  • dont be offended when a bride shows you their pintrest board.

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