077: Ben Hartley - How To Create A 6 Figure Photography Studio

Ben Hartley is a Columbus Wedding Photographer who co-owns a six-figure wedding photography studio, runs a popular photography podcast, and is a prominent speaker at multiple photography conventions. Today he comes on the podcast to share some of his best tips to not only start a photography studio but how and why you should focus on serving your clients first.

In Todays Interview You'll Learn:

  • Where Ben's Creativity Came from

  • How to decided when to open up a photography studio

  • How Ben got his start in photography

  • The biggest thing that beginners mess up when dealing with clients

  • How raising your prices can create abundance in your lifestyle

  • Why profit should be the furthest thing from your mind when dealing with clients

  • What Ben would tell himself about photography if he could go back in time

  • How to create communication systems within your photography business

  • How to remove the ego when working with other photographers

  • an embarrassing moment Ben had at a wedding


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