082: Mark Gee - Shooting for the Stars!

Todays Guest is Mark Gee. A New Zealand astrophotographer whos work second to none. In 2013 he won the prestigious AstroPhotographer of the year award, His work is so good that NASA has shared it!

In This Interview You'll Learn:

  • The type of astrophotography Mark shoots

  • The challenges of astrophotography

  • Simple mistakes Mark sees new astrophotographers make

  • What settings Mark uses as a base to start shooting the stars

  • Why New Zealand is so great for astrophotography

  • What you need to look for in a sturdy tripod

  • How to make money with landscape/astrophotography

  • The best time of year to shoot astrophotography

  • Why the colder months are better for photographing the stars

  • The most important piece of gear you need to start shooting the astrophotography

  • How to start shooting the stars


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