088: Ryan Welch - 16 Year Old Wedding Photographer?

Ryan Welch is a South Wales Wedding Photographer who started shooting weddings at 16 years old. He has grown his career exponentially since then and has gone off to start Freedom Edits. A photo outsourcing company that lets you regain time back into your life. Today he shares tips on how he dealt with being so young getting started, how he grew his business, and why he started a new business that gives time freedom back to photographers. 

In This Interview You'll Learn:

  • How Ryan got started shooting wedding so young

  • The biggest hurdles Ryan had to overcome when shooting weddings

  • Why Ryan got fired from his only job

  • How much gear Ryan brought to his first wedding

  • How much gear you need for your first wedding

  • Why Ryan started shooting weddings

  • How Ryans mindset has shifted since starting wedding photography

  • The B.S. Ryan hears from other photographers

  • Mistakes that Ryan made early in his career

  • How many weddings Ryan shoots a year and how he's able to do it!

  • What Ryan would tell himself about photography if he had to start all over

  • Ryan's thoughts on going to school for photography


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