096: Ryan Brenizer Finding and Fueling your creativity

Ryan Brenizer is an NYC Wedding Photographer with a long list of credentials. Starting out as a newspaper editor who was given a camera he eventually grew and worked his way into weddings where he focuses on standing out and telling the best story possible. Probably most known to other photographers for his Brenizer Method of shooting today we talk about creativity, style, and lighting. 

In This Episode You'll Learn:

  • How many weddings Ryan Brenizer shoots in a year

  • How Ryan shot 5 weddings in a row

  • How Ryan Brenizer got his start in photography

  • How Ryan and his wife has joined forces to create a photography business they love

  • What is the Brenizer Method

  • How Ryan Brenizer developed the Brenizer method

  • Why is it so important to develop a photography style

  • Why shooting manual might not be the most important skill for beginners to learn

  • How Experimenting in your photography will push you forward

  • Why Ryan Brenizer envies new photographers

  • Where Ryan finds inspiration

  • What piece of information Ryan Brenizer thinks beginners should ignore


Memorable Quotes:

  • The Important thing to learn as a photographer, is to learn how your camera sees

  • For good photography pre visuilization is critical

  • Everytime you put a new lens on your camera, you are putting on a new set of eyes

  • (Things evolve all the time) I've changed my Lightroom workflow like 3 times this week

  • The photo I am taking is a reflection of what looks good to me at that time. However if you look at 10,000 photos of mine, it becomes a self portrait


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