BPP 101: Rob Andrew - Making Food Look Irresistible

Rob Andrew is a food and lifestyle photographer from San Diego. Today he talks about the art of making food look delicious, how to light it, important food styling tips, and how I can up my Instagram game! 

In This Episode You'll Learn:

  • How Rob got his start in photography
  • How a mentor helped Rob jumpstart his career
  • How Rob transitioned from photographing products to food 
  • What Food Styling is
  • How to find your cheeseburgers "good side"
  • Simple tips to make your place look better
  • How long it takes to photograph a cheeseburger
  • Does Rob Instagram his food
  • How to create a compelling image from a subject with no emotion
  • How much creative freedom Rob has in his food photography
  • A $2 piece of gear that Rob uses at almost every shoot
  • Why lighting is so important when it comes to photographing food


Memorable Quotes:

  • Sometimes Daylight and a window is all you need for great food photos
  • My average food edit is about 5 minutes

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