BPP 130: Chris Marquardt - The Future of Photography

Todays guest is Chris Mar-quart. A photographer, author, and host of the Future of photography podcast. What better time to talk about the future of photography than the start of a new year?

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In This Episode You'll Learn:

  • A brief history of photography

  • Why we humans cant be happy with the camera technology we have today

  • What misconceptions people think about the future of photography

  • What specifications would be in the perfect camera for Chris Marquardt

  • The worst thing Chris hears being taught to new photographers

  • The best investment Chris has made in his photography

  • What advice Chris would give to himself if he was just starting out

Premium Members Also Learn:

  • Is post production a thing of the past

  • What is the allure of photography and how technology pushes it

  • What current technology will explode in popularity in the coming years

  • Why we will still need competent photographers in the future



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