BPP 152: Jessica Rae - Powerful Boudoir Photography

Jessica Rae is a Vancouver boudoir photographer. Take one look at her website and you will see she has an incredible ability to create soul and tell a powerful story through the images she takes. Today we chat about how she creates such beautiful images.

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In This Episode You'll Learn:

  • How Jessica got started in photography

  • Challenges she faced when learning photography

  • Jessicas main source of photography education

  • How Jessica got into Boudoir Photography

  • What Boudoir photography is

  • How to get intimate lighting when shooting boudoir to add mystery

  • What it means to be a Believer in the power of Vulnerability

  • Weather or not you need a studio to shoot boudoir

Premium Members Also Learn:

  • How to approach someone to do boudoir when you’re building your portfolio

  • How to make clients comfortable when in a venerable state of being partially clothed in front of a strangers camera

  • How to book more clients when its hard to share images on social media



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