Something New: Photo Q & A Thursday #1

Today We Are Doing Something Brand New! Im Answering Your Questions!

When you entered to win the GoPro Hero 4 I asked you "What do you struggle with most?" and boy do you all have a lot of struggles and questions! I started to email each and every one of you but I found there was a lot of similar questions so I have decided to start another podcast segment where I answer your questions every Thursday! 


In Todays Episode You Will Learn:

  • How todays guest with no photography knowledge will help make a better photography podcast 
  • A little bit about Paul's background and how long we have known each other
  • How to afford new photography gear
  • Why some DSLRs are so expensive
  • The Difference between a $400 DSLR Camera and a $4000 DSLR Camera
  • How you can save money to afford new gear
  • How a photo a day challenge can boost your creativity
  • How to Find a Balance between learning photography techniques and practicing them
  • The How you can take more photos when you dont have any free time
  • How you can practice photography even if you dont have a DSLR
  • How to book more photography clients when you live in a small town
  • How to get known as the photographer in your town
  • How to see the moment and take more artistic photos
  • Why you should switch to manual even if you fear you will miss the shot