Daily Photo Q&A #23: Do You Really Need To Spend That Much Money?

Todays Question: Why are camera lens so expensive? Do I really need to upgrade from the one that came with my camera? 

When you get to the point where you have outgrown the kit lens that came with your camera and start to look into upgrading your glass you might be shocked when you see the price of some lenses. Camera manufactures try to make a lens class that works for just about every skill level. From "I want to take better photos of my friends" to "Im getting paid for the photos I take" to "I need the best gear because I photograph the president". You can get a lot out of a $150 lens and more than likely if you are reading this right now, on BEGINNERPhotographyPodcast.com you don't need the $1500 version lens of the same focal length. 

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