Having More Fun With Your Photos


When I first started taking photos I would go out, snap away, come home, edit the photos and then they would sit on my hard drive never to see the light of day again. At the time I thought, I’m not a professional photographer, my photos are probably not worthy of sharing. This was totally the wrong mindset to have and it wasn't until I changed that mindset that I really started to find joy through my photos that lasted longer than it took to edit them. Sharing your photos can not only be a rewarding way of keeping up with friends and family, but can also grow your skills as a photographer.

My problem always comes when I take a hundred photos of my son’s birthday party, Thanksgiving with the family, or that sunny beach vacation. I don’t want to post all the photos at once to Facebook or Instagram because it’s clunky and no one wants to really spend 10 mins looking through all of your photos. It’s the modern version of a slide projector. So how can you turn your photos into something compelling enough that family and friends will want to see more, all while being fast and super easy to use and share? After all would you want to spend all day editing photos of your son’s birthday that was only 3 hours long? I use Animoto.

Animoto lets you create fun video slideshows quick and easy. They have a ton of video templates and access to thousands of songs to add some flair. If you have ever dragged and dropped files on your computer you can make an amazing slideshow with Animoto in just minutes. Here are some examples of videos I have made to share on Facebook. These slideshows took less than 15 mins to create using the Animoto app (available on iOS and Android) which means I was able to share our fun time with the world in less time that it took to drive home!

But as much as I love Animoto, there are a few things I don’t care too much for. I also create slideshows for all of my weddings and engagement sessions (again I can make them in minutes and my clients go crazy for them) but one thing that bugs me the most is that for a few templates the photos you upload get a filter applied to them to match the video template. This does not bug me if I’m just sharing photos of my family outing but it bugs me when I go to upload wedding photos that I have already edited as applying a filter to an already edited image can create a photo that looks a bit overrated. While I have never had a bride complain and it might just be me being too over controlling it is something to be aware of. It would be great if there was an option to turn off the filter being applied. But if you can look past that, Animoto is the most fun you can have with your photography!

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This blog is not sponsored by Animoto, I was not paid by Animoto to create this information for you. These opinions are my own! I truly enjoy using Animoto and I think you will too!