012: Car Photographer to Wedding Photographer Justin Haugen

012: Car Photographer to Wedding Photographer Justin Haugen


Justin Haugen is a Tucson wedding photographer who started his passion with automative  photography and after a few years of getting awesome cars published in magazines, he found deep passion in creating the unthinkable for couples who are in love. Justin's pursuit of emotion has led him to being featured in JuneBug's PhotoBug Community.  

Justin's work balances the line between documenting real emotional moments and utilizing stunning and beautiful lighting gear to create photographs that couples gush over. Today he chats with us on how he started and why he now utilizes artificial light more often than not. 

In todays episode you will learn:

  • What Justin decided to get his higher education in
  • Why Justin got into photography
  • The first digital camera Justin got his start with
  • What he ended up doing with the camera
  • How Justin decided to help a fellow beginning photographer
  • Justins typical lifecycle for cameras
  • The automotive editorial work he was doing when first starting off in photography
  • When Justin realized that having a camera was just as good as having a backstage pass
  • The teachings from his Photography Mentor Mike Maez
  • How starting off he was ok with following the trends to emulate photos he enjoyed
  • How Justin saw the transition from photographing cars to photographing weddings
  • Why having a shift in interests in photography changes as he grew older
  • What Justin strives for when delivering his photos
  • What it takes to separate yourself from everyone else starting with a dslr
  • What Justins first flash was
  • What flash system Justin uses today
  • Why he picked up his first flash
  • What Justin is trying to see every time he picks up a flash
  • How using flash can add value your photos
  • How Facebook groups have helped Justin grow in his use of flash
  • What equipment Justin beings to weddings
  • Why Justin loves the Beauty Dish
  • Justins Favorite Light modifiers 
  • Why natural looking light is the end goal
  • The emotional response lighting brings to your photography
  • Why Justin switched from Canon to Nikon
  • The limitations of Canon that was holding Justin back
  • Why that does not mean Canon is not right for you
  • Why looking for light and lack there of is the most important thing Justin looks out for
  • What Justin tells his brides about getting creative portraits
  • The best piece of advice Justin would give himself if he could go back to being a beginner

Links and resources

"I love big light... a 28" beauty dish and I know that the next photographer won't bring that. I am putting an effort into lugging heavy gear for the quality of the light."


"I like making people feel special through photographs."
"I would stand right where he would, and ask 'What ISO are you at?', that's the kind of friend he was. 
- On being asked about being mentored.

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