011: Betty Liu - Food and Wedding Photographer


011: Betty Liu - Food and Wedding Photographer

In this week's episode, Betty Liu, a Boston Wedding Photographer, started documenting her food recipes passed down from her mother. Starting off as a passion project, Betty's blog that was really only meant to be a personal documentation spiralled into a massive following and has her published in some amazing food blogs and magazines, and has also allowed to her to create and host workshops in conjunction with other cool Boston area food photographers. 

"I think food styling really comes from you, it's your personal style. I think that is what makes food photography so special and how it really distinguishes from one food photographer from another."

In todays episode you'll learn:

  • How Betty got her start in photography
  • What Betty originally went to school for
  • What she intended to shoot when first getting into food
  • Why shooting food is a passion for Betty
  • Betty's process when deciding what to photograph 
  • How Betty comes up with her recipes 
  • Why it could take all day to shoot a single recipe
  • How Betty is blending her innovative ideas from her wedding work into her food photography 
  • Betty talks about what the most difficult part about food photography 
  • What Betty thinks is the most important part of good food photography
  • How you can start taking better photos of your food at home without any additional gear
  • How you can start taking great food photos with your cell phone
  • How you can get started in food styling
  • What kind of light to avoid when starting out
  • Why the styling is equally as important as the photography
  • What surprising gear Betty uses  
  • Why shes gone against the grain to use lenses and a camera that is practical for her
  • Why Betty thinks her wedding photography has helped her food passion project 
  • And how having a passion project has helped her professional wedding photography work


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"Think about light. If you want a natural look don't use the overhead yellow lights that you have becaues that might cause really ugly shadows. 

"Go next to a big window, turn off all the lights and play with the light."
"A lot of my recipes are traiditonal chinese recipes that are not as mainstream as dumplings. Sharing someone who is not familiar with that technique and enabling them to recreate that at home. It's all about the process."