010: Interview with Texas Wedding Photographer Tim Kyle

010: Interview with Texas Wedding Photographer Tim Kyle


We interview Tim Kyle: a husband, father of two, firefighter, and wedding photographer. We're interviewing Tim this week to see how he fell into the world of photography and why he is now a wedding photographer based out of Austin, Texas. 

Tim first got his start in photography by picking up a DSLR to capture the action that took place while he was fire-fighting, and at the same time, learning to capture intimate moments as a soon to be dad. In under a year, Tim took his photography skills to the next level and was booking weddings and portrait work. In this podcast, you are going to hear from Tim about what photography meant to him three years ago, and how his drive to be better everyday started to ear-mark him as a talented Austin wedding and portrait photographer. 

In Todays Episode you will Learn:

  • Why Tim got into photography
  • What he started taking photos of
  • Where he started to look for tutorials
  • How long after Tim got his first camera to when he started shooting Weddings
  • What he looked for when he started visiting photography forums
  • Who he contacted to get his first wedding
  • Tim's favorite photography resources
  • How Tim didn't spend a fortune when it came to learning from the best photographers in the industry
  • How he marketed himself to other photographers to get experience
  • What he did with the images from the wedding he shot
  • Why it's ok to keep a full time job and shoot wedding photography on the side
  • How Tim keeps up with having a full time job and still deliver amazing customer service to his wedding couples
  • Why no one is OWED anything
  • Your work is what will book you
  • Why Tim thinks is the biggest waste of time when he was learning photography in the beginning
  • How important white balance is
  • The number one question Tim asks himself when photographing a wedding
  • What type of photography Tim is starting to branch into
  • Why the moment captured is more important than the technical details
  • Why you shouldn't overwhelm yourself with every tutorial you can find
  • Why gear is fun and can make things easier
  • But how it will never separate yourself from the other photographers
  • Why Tim is not scared about the future of photography with the influx of photographers

Links and Resources

Here are a few tidbits from our interview with Tim:

“I do a thing called ‘Toddler Bootcamp’ — Use your kids as the ultimate practice tool. Follow your two year around and try to accomplish your goal.” 

"My biggest tip is to search for a specific thing that I want to learn and watch as much as I can about it.”